Wallets are nice for a gift!

Do you know that a cool wallet will bring you good economic and business fortunes? It’s not every day buying a wallet, so you must examine and investigate it very carefully for choosing your special one. Wallets are also good as a gift for special someone. You must make a careful choice. And you are feeling very nervous whether he/she is going to like your gift or not.What kind of wallets should I chose? The safest way is to choose one having the same function as one he/she has right now. If he/she has an accordion wallet, it would be better to present an accordion type wallet. There is an old tradition for wallets and purses. when you give it as a gift, always put a coin in a purse. It is believed that then the purse would never be empty.If his/her wallet is unravel itself from side ends, it’s time to change to new wallet! Why don’t you gift a cool new wallet to him/her?Most of the customers are choosing a mid-price range about $100 to $150 for a gift. We have a large selection of mid-price range items and try to support customer’s individual needs.

Now, let’s talk about types of wallets!

Bi-fold and Tri-fold

Wallets of this kind can have enough room for cards, side-by-side wallets feature two columns of card slots that fold over lengthwise.

Money Clip

- Perfect for men who need easy access to their money, money clips are tough and durable metal clips that hold folded money in place.

Coin purses

-Adding to its capacity to easily fit front pockets of jeans is coin holders’ size. It is particularly useful for those who find themselves carrying around a great deal of coins.

Envelop wallet

-Long and thin wallets. These can often hold check books and bank notes easily.

Half wallet millefoglie-m+


A brand we are eager to introduce to you is “m+” called “EMUPIU”. Items of m+ are moderately-priced, and the performance is top-notch. They have top-class leather quality and very unique design. Items of m+ is definitely fail-proof gifts.

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If you are looking for a men’s wallet, look no further than Free-spirits. We have variety kinds of men’s wallets such as leather, cordovan, bridle leather, and lots more. Visit our shop and look our incredible cool wallets! We are offering a wide range of wallets including seamless wallets, unbelievingly light wallet, and more. Most of our items are hand-made by Japanese craftsmen, their performance is incredibly sensitive. Enjoy subtle craftsmanship and a delicate texture. Furthermore, we care not only the items but also boxes. Our items will be put into cool and beautiful boxes. Also, we can print his/her name on the items if you want. That’s why our items are the best for gifts!