Pencil case

Full leather pencil case U-shape-munekawa

To protect your beloved pencils…

Imagine, what if your beloved pencil fall from your pocket? What if your expensive shirts got ink spots? It’s terrible, right? Pencil cases solve all those worries! We have a variety kinds of pencil cases for variety age groups, such as roll pencil cases, leather pencil cases, zipper pencil cases, plastic pencil cases, and lots more. We recommend a cool stylish pencil case for students, and a leather pencil case for middle-aged men. Do you know that not many people have a cool and cute pencil case, so, if you have the cool pencil case, it makes you even more unique and look different from others? Our products are also selected as a gift. If you are worried about his/her birthday present, what about the pencil case? Our products are acceptable for all tastes. We are also offering name printing service. We are sure He/She will definitely love this cool gift!

Who needs pencil case?

Even almost everything can solve by computers, we can’t live without pencils, and ballpoint pens, and colorful makers. School students need pencils to study harder, and business men and women need pencils to work harder. Of course, you can carry around pencils putting in a pocket, but you may lose them very often. To protect your pencils and use them to last long, you should have the pencil case.

The pencil case is a perfect gift for businessmen!

And fancy leather pencil cases are very popular with businessmen. Even the price is a little steep, but high-class businessmen prefer to use the leather pencil case for their fountain pens. The leather pencil case can perfectly protect the fountain pens. Such leather lovers prefer to have a complete set of leather stuffs such as leather-bound notebooks, leather business card cases, leather wallets, and so on. The leather pencil case is perfect for a gift for dad, boyfriend, husband, teachers, and friends on any occasions. Our leather products are all hand-made by Japanese craftsmen. You must be impressed by its great quality and smooth texture. We are offering name printing and wrapping service. Enjoy subtle craftsmanship and a delicate texture. We are looking forward to have you visiting us and to be able to enjoy more of our products!

Pencilcase Rotolo SUEDE- m+


The most selected pencil case is “m+” called “EMUPIU”. All products from this brand are made by hand, you can feel sprits of Japanese craftsmen, and you must be impressed by its great quality. This pencil case can store about 13pens!

We work towards being No.1 online shop for Japanese leather products!!

If you are looking for a men’s pencil case, look no further than Free-spirits. We have variety kinds of men’s pencil cases such as leather, cordovan, bridle leather, and lots more. Most of our items are hand-made by Japanese craftsmen, their performance is incredibly sensitive. Enjoy subtle craftsmanship and a delicate texture. Furthermore, we care not only the items but also boxes. Our items will be put into cool and beautiful boxes. We are looking forward to have you visiting us and to be able to enjoy more of our products!