Why we should have a key case?

Imagine, what if the keys in your bag scratch the surface of your iPhone, or other favorite stuff? How terrible is it? Protect your iPhone from the keys by using the key case! You may use a house key every day, and not only the house key, but also a car key, a locker key, and a key to the safe, and so on. To avoid losing your keys, the key case is very useful.

Hand-made by Japanese craftsmen!

The key case is often selected as a gift. We have a variety of Japanese and foreign brands. And most of our leather key cases is made by Japanese craftsmen. They are always in careful about sewing, and leather quality is incredibly high. And you can enjoy color changes of the leather stuff. Its color will grow to better over time.Enjoy subtle craftsmanship and a delicate texture.

Key case is a perfect gift!

If you are worried about his/her birthday present, what about the key case? Our products are acceptable for all tastes. We are also offering name printing and wrapping service. We are sure He/She will definitely love this cool gift!

You should choose a key case depending on the needs.

Before you buy the key case, you should decide that what kind and how many keys you will carry in the key case. That's a key point in choosing a good key case. If you want to carry a car key and house key together, you should choose a larger case. Or if you to carry only one or two keys, a smaller one would be better. To fulfill your needs, we have a key case having additional function like “coin purse”. Recently, these type of key case is getting popular. With this, you can make a quick trip to a convenience store or go for a walk for a bit without a big bag!


The best seller key case is “moca” . It is offers many color choices.Why don’t you have matching key cases with your boyfriend? Blue for him, and Red for you. It’s so cute, right??

We work towards being No.1 online shop for Japanese leather products!!

If you are looking for a men’s key case, look no further than Free-spirits. We have variety kinds of men’s key cases such as leather, cordovan, bridle leather, and lots more. Most of our items are hand-made by Japanese craftsmen, their performance is incredibly sensitive. Enjoy subtle craftsmanship and a delicate texture. Furthermore, we care not only the items but also boxes. Our items will be put into cool and beautiful boxes.